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New Result UI/UX for PRO on AidStream


Basic Know Hows of the Result Interface (PRO)

This blog highlights the workflow of the PRO result interface.

4 June, 2024 Read more
System migration to to the Kubernetes cluster

Technical Update

AidStream System Migration

To make better changes, we migrated the AidStream system to the Kubernetes cluster and subscribed to digital ocean’s services.

3 June, 2024 Read more
The technical team briefs about the enhancements on AidStream.

Technical Update

AidStream Technical Update 2023

This blog is a brief on all the updates made on AidStream's system throughout the year 2023. The technical team have provided insights on these enhanc...

3 June, 2024 Read more
The process of bulk publishing results.


Result XLS Import functionality

The new import functionality is an enhancement on the existing XLS import functionality on AidStream.

29 May, 2024 Read more
Publishing settings on AidStream

System Settings

Directly Publish on IATI with AidStream| Learn more about Publishing Settings

Generating XML datasets and directly publishing them to the IATI registry

26 April, 2024 Read more
Templates for XLS file by AidStream


How to Upload Excel Files to IATI

Guide to uploading excel files to the IATI registry using AidStream's CSV & XLS import features.

24 April, 2024 Read more


Consortium Feature: Upgraded

AidStream’s consortium feature allows organisations working in consortiums to compare their data to one another before publishing. This ensures better...

3 April, 2024 Read more
Landing page of consortium feature on AidStream


Consortium feature: Data quality management amongst members

Consortium feature allows users to maintain their data in a shared space and encourages data analysis.

3 April, 2024 Read more