About us

We built AidStream because we could see how complex IATI was for organisations without dedicated tech support (which is most of you!). We wanted to help achieve IATI’s goals of making aid data open and transparent, and ultimately, improving outcomes and so we decided to make it as easy as possible for aid organisations to publish that very same data. AidStream simplifies the complexity associated with creating an open global standard for aid data, so that you can get on with changing the world.

And who are ‘we’? We are YoungInnovations, a Nepal-based software development firm, focused on providing open data and technology solutions to a range of development issues including transparency, accountability and civic engagement. We are thankful to our partners Development Initiatives, the IATI Secretariat and others who, since 2012, have been supporting our Aidstream efforts.

AidStream is available to all organisations around the world but because it has been developed as an Open Source product, it is also available in GitHub. Please feel free to fork it and adapt it for your own needs if you like. All of AidStream’s future features and upgrades will continue to be developed as open source additions.

If you value our contribution to the development community, we need your support! Please reach out to us at info@aidstream.org to see how you can get involved.