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  • Donor compliance markers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use AidStream?

    AidStream is a tool designed to help organisations publish their aid data following the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard easily. AidStream simplifies the complexity that is associated with creating an open global standard for aid data. So, any entity that wishes to or is required to publish their aid data in accordance with the IATI format can use AidStream. See AidStream’s pricing plans here.

  • Is AidStream a product of IATI?

    No, AidStream is not directly associated with IATI. However IATI secretariat is the support partner of this platform.

  • Is AidStream a free tool? If not, what is the pricing and can I get a discount?

    Yes, AidStream is a free tool. For you to be able to use AidStream, all you have to do is register with us and you’re good to publish your activities.

    We do have a paid version- AidStream PRO. AidStream PRO has additional features compared to the free version. It also comes with a prompt support service. AidStream PRO is priced at $3000 per year, however, the current offer price is $2499 per year.

  • Is AidStream PRO a one time payment or a yearly subscription?

    AidStream PRO is a yearly subscription. The payment you make will be good for one year. When the end of your subscription date nears, you will receive a reminder email from AidStream to renew your subscription.

  • How to publish AidStream’s data to IATI Registry?

    The only thing you need to do to publish your data to the registry via AidStream is to fill in the Publisher ID and API Key in the AidStream’s Publishing Settings. After you fill in and save the correct ID and the key the data automatically gets published to IATI Registry after you publish it on AidStream.

    To understand the publishing workflow better, see article: Know the Publishing Workflow.

  • What are the ways to populate data in AidStream?

    You can populate your data in AidStream with three different ways:

    1. Manual entry: With the manual entry, you can enter your data on AidStream via form. You will need to fill out the fields manually.

    2. Import XML File:: Importing activity via .xml file format. Templates will be available on AidStream.

    3. Import CSV File:: Importing activity via .csv file format. Templates will be available on AidStream.

  • What is the document storage limit for free users?

    Free users will be allowed to store documents upto 100MB on AidStream for free. However, PRO users will have unlimited data storage capacity.

  • What happens when you change your reporting organisation?

    When you change your reporting organisation, the change affects the Activity Identifier. Since Reporting Organisation Identifier is the first part of an Activity Identifier, the newly published Activity Identifier will have a different identifier than those activities that have already been published (Activity Identifier of published activities cannot be changed).

    The IATI standard requires activities created under the same organisation to have the same Reporting Organisation Identifier for data consistency. ID mismatch will raise the question of whether or not the activities are of the same organisation.

    So, it is crucial that the changes on one platform reflect on another. As far as possible, consult/inform with the IATI team and AidStream team while making changes in the information.

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