Basic Know Hows of the Result Interface (PRO)

4 June, 2024

It’s been around four months since we launched a new interface for the result element. All the PRO accounts on AidStream are now using our new interface with a brand-new process to input result data.

If you didn’t get the memo, results can be added manually through AidStream’s interface (for both free and PRO accounts), CSV file import (for both free and PRO accounts), and XLS file import (only for PRO accounts).

The PRO result interface follows a whole different workflow as compared to the previous interface. So, if you are wondering what a PRO result interface looks like, continue reading!

Do you already have AidStream PRO subscription and are wondering how to get the most out of the new upgrade? Let’s walk you through the PRO result interface to see how we add results manually on the new result interface.

Steps to add a new result:

  1. Go to the activity where you want to add results.
  2. Click on the result page of the relevant activity.

Result Detail Page

‘Dimensions’ section at the right-hand side of the page: Dimensions can be added before you start adding your result data. Since dimensions are (usually) global within an activity, the dimension library allows you to create a set of dimensions for later use.

Steps to add dimension:

Click on the ‘Add a dimension’ button. Then, a pop- up box will appear where you can add the dimension name and value.

After clicking on ‘Ad a dimension’, the dimension box appears. All the saved dimensions appear on the right column throughout.

The dimensions will appear as seen in the picture above and the dimensions library (3rd image- right column) will be visible throughout in the result detail page.

Dimensions can also be added afterwards after the result and indicators have been created.

Adding result data

- Start by adding basic information about the result - Result title, Result description, Type and Aggregation Status.
- After saving the result information, you will find the option to add indicators.

Next Step - Add Baseline Values!

Adding Baseline

You can click on ‘Add new baseline’ to add your baseline data. The option appears in each indicator box.


The dimensions created and saved earlier will appear in the ‘Dimension’ section as seen in the picture below.

Locations recorded in the Location element of the activity is automatically pulled to the Location sub-element here.

If you want to include Location data in your result, please ensure that the location is defined beforehand in the Location element. Refer to this article for clarity.


Adding period data to an existing baseline:

We can add period data to an existing baseline by clicking on ‘Add period’ button in the same row as the baseline data. The dimension and location data will be prefilled for you (and cannot be edited).

Dimension- It can be added/ edited from the result details page (right column)

Location- Location is one of the elements of an activity. Location information is added from the activity details page. All locations added in the activity level can be added as a location in the result indicators.


Adding Target & Actual Comment

By hovering on the target/ actual values on the table, a comment or document to your target or actual value can be added. You will see the options ‘Add a comment’ or ‘Add a document link’ after hovering over the values.

 You can move your cursor over the target and actual values to view the comment and document link.

Let’s get editing!

Editing Result data
- Click on the pencil icon adjacent to the result title.

Editing Dimensions
- Click on ‘⋮’ next to the dimension you want to edit

Editing Indicator Data
- Click on the pen icon on the right end of the indicator title box.

Editing Baseline Values
- Go to the desired baseline value and click on the pen icon beside the baseline value.

Editing Period in Result Indicator
- Click on the pen icon beside the period date.

Deleting Result data

- Click on the pencil icon adjacent to the relevant result title.


If you delete a result, all the indicators of the result will be deleted as well. Please keep in mind that data once deleted cannot be retrieved.

Deleting Dimensions

- Click on ‘⋮’ next to the dimension you want to delete.

- If you have already added a dimension to multiple result indicator, deleting that dimension will remove it from all the indicators as well.

Don’t Know where you’ve added dimensions in result indicators?

Before deleting any dimensions, it is important to check if they are being used in the result indicators. If they are being used in any indicators, you will receive a heads-up indicating which result indicators are affected. This step is crucial to ensure you have all the necessary information before confirming to delete.

Deleting Baseline
- Go to the desired baseline value and click on the pen icon beside the baseline value. You’ll find the ‘Delete’ option in the pop-up box.

Deleting Period in Result Indicator
- Similar to the baseline, the pen icon beside the period date will lead to the ‘Delete’ option.

Check out our help articles at Zendesk for guidance on AidStream.