Consortium Feature: Upgraded

3 April, 2024

AidStream’s consortium feature allows organisations working in consortiums to compare their data to one another before publishing. This ensures better data quality and motivates collaboration.  

We have made some significant upgrades to the feature which will further foster collaboration and improve data quality.

Consortium feature upgrades

Consortium Profile Interface

The updated interface offers a clean view of all the items (Consortium Profile, Consortium Members, Custom Vocabulary, Simplify UI) within the consortium profile. The contents have been grouped according to the items. To view/use the functionalities, users can click on the relevant section.

Simplify UI

The simplify UI feature is also a part of AidStream PRO. Consortium users can use it to simplify narrative subelement and sector element within their consortium activities.

When narrative subelement is simplified, all the narrative fields in the elements will be hidden from the user interface. The default narrative language will be assumed for all.

When the sector vocabulary is simplified, only the selected sector vocabulary will be available in the vocabulary list. Further, users can also choose whether to make the sector element visible either in the activity level or the transaction level.

Shared Consortium Custom Vocab

The Custom Vocab feature is also a part of AidStream PRO. Adaptaions have been made to the Custom Vocab feature to meet the need of consortium users.  

For elements where vocabularies 98 and 99 can be used, consortium users can create their own set of vocabularies to use for consortium activities. When any consortium member (does not necessarily have to be the lead organisation) creates any custom vocabulary within the consortium feature, the vocabulary will be available for use for all the consortium users.

Only the organisation who creates the vocabulary can edit/delete the vocabularies.

We are hosting a demonstration webinar to showcase all the upgrades within the consortium feature. You can register for the webinar here: 

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