Consortium feature: Data quality management amongst members

3 April, 2024

Consortiums working to create greater impacts have greater responsibilities to publish their aid data to the IATI Registry. Having to work with multiple organisations to achieve a predefined set of goals is a challenging task. Even more challenging is to record complete projects’ data and publish their details in a timely manner to the IATI Registry. Data governance plays a very important role in making data driven decisions.

The Consortium feature, allows organisations to trace and track their consortium’s activities as well as their members’ activities. This ensures better collaboration and helps in  data quality management. This feature provides an easy data analysis for consortium members’ data. 

Find and Verify data of downstream partners and Consortium members!

In most cases, it is the responsibility of lead organisations to ensure that all their consortium partners publish their data.

The lead organisation needs to: 

  1. Ensure data quality
  2. Ensure timely publication
  3. Ensure that all necessary elements and requirements are met

Working with organisations based in different time zones to achieve a pre-defined goal is challenging in itself. And, it is a tedious and time-consuming task for the lead organisation to wait for the data to be published, and wait for the data to appear on the Registry or d-portal. If further changes need to be made, they have to again wait for the data to appear on d-portal.

This is where the consortium feature helps!

The consortium feature allows consortium members to compare their data with one another from within AidStream. Consortium feature facilitates better tracking and saves time especially for the lead to track their members’ activities’ status and data quality. It also shows what stage the activities are in (draft, complete, or published).

Benefits of Consortium feature

  1. The feature allows you to separate the consortiums with one another.
  2. It keeps your consortium-related activities separate from other activities. Managing consortium data is easier this way.
  3. It allows consortium members to compare data and information with each other from a shared space.
  4. Activity detail page of Consortium partner can be viewed by lead organisation and other members of the listed consortium.
  5. It provides a common space to manage consortium-related activities and also view other members’ activities.
  6. It comes with unlimited consortium activities publishing option and XLS templates import feature.
  7. It saves time of lead organisation to track its members’ activities’ status and data quality.
  8. It facilitates better tracking of activities published by consortium’s lead organisation and other members of the consortium.

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