How to Upload Excel Files to IATI

24 April, 2024

The XLS/CSV import function is one of the most used features on AidStream. Publishers who update large data at once find it convenient to initially record their IATI data in Excel files.

With the excel templates on AidStream, it is easier to manage large datasets. Uploading these files and subsequently publishing them to the IATI registry provides a straightforward method for reporting data.

Publishers can import their activities, transactions, and result data with the help of an XLS or CSV file (importing data using an XLS file is reserved for PRO users). The import feature eliminates the hassle of manual data entry for a large number of activities. When using google sheets, you can access the templates through google drive. Once your data entry is completed, convert the sheets to XLS format and proceed with importing the file.

Import Templates

AidStream provides a set of templates for publishers to import their data to AidStream. There are different templates for XLS and CSV files, however the process to import remains the same. Publishers often express their grievances of having to strictly use these templates.

Why is it necessary to strictly use the provided templates?
1. The main reason to use the provided XLS and CSV templates is to maintain data quality. Publishers are required to follow a set of guidelines when using AidStream templates. For instance, publishers are required to use the codes in the IATI Codelists for various elements’ components instead of using their names. E.g.: to report an activity (that’s in the implementation stage) using an XLS file, the publisher will have to use the code for implementation from the IATI Codelists i.e., 2.

This dramatically removes the possibility of human error while typing the word ‘implementation’. If there is even a minor inconsistency, the output from (computerised) data analysis will bring a different result.

2. Data Validation: AidStream has integrated validations into the templates. After the import processing is complete, the system runs a set of validations to check if the imported data meets the minimum data quality requirement. If it does not, the system provides feedback for correction. The data can be imported only when the said corrections are made. Then only you can publish your project files (activity files) to the IATI.

Fast-track your publishing process

Include Excel templates to your data recording process to remove the hassle of converting them later. When it is time to publish to IATI, publishers will have to arrange the data according to the provided templates before importing. This is repeated work for many publishers. This, of course, might not be possible for all users.


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