Result XLS Import functionality

29 May, 2024

The new import functionality is an enhancement on the existing XLS import functionality on AidStream.

Need for the enhancement

  1. Meeting users’ needs: The current Result XLS import only allows users to import results for specific activities which is time consuming. Our interactions with our publishers identified that this feature would dramatically decrease their workload.
  2. Bug fixes and maintenance: Let’s face it, software and products are rarely error-free even when we put our 100% in! This enhancement is also a result of bug fixes, patches, and general maintenance that was long due.
  3. Compatibility: As new technologies and platforms emerge, feature enhancements are a must for the product to remain compatible in these new environments.
  4. Performance optimisation: Being early adopters, we have used latest technologies in the feature. This will make the functionality, more faster, more efficient, and more user friendly.

Highlights of the functionality

Bulk Import

Efficient ✅
Time-saving ✅

Currently, publishers have to go one-by-one to the respective activities in which they want to add the result data. Publishers needed to maintain different files for each of them. Now, result data for more than one activity can be imported from a single template.

Improved Validations
In the interest of data quality, we have added validations in the templates that weren’t present before. This ensures the data that gets to the IATI Registry is usable (at the very least).

Background Processing
The upload process will be behind the scenes which will allow the publishers to use other things while their data is being uploaded.

Sneak peak

For bulk import: templates and import place is outside of the activities.

Files can be dragged and dropped (or selected).


The process will be demonstrated in a pop-up modal at the bottom right of the page.


Listing page after the file gets uploaded. (The data seen here hypothetical)



Enhancements on Result Import XLS functionality:

  1. Have used latest techs
  2. Bulk import for result (import result for multiple activities at once)
  3. Will significantly decrease users’ data entry time
  4. Improved validations in the templates
  5. Background processing for publishers to be able to use the system to do other things

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