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Facilitating investment to restore and protect priority natural ecosystems leading to improved water security for 10 million people in Lima

IATI Identifier: XM-DAC-47136-PE06
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  • date_range Feb 01, 2019 - Jun 29, 2019
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

Building on Peru’s innovative PES policy that earmarks a percentage of the water tariff for ecosystem restoration and conservation, GGGI will identify funding options for SEDAPAL to raise the funds needed to implement the PES scheme. During the Scoping Phase of this project (January to May 2019) the project team will engage with key stakeholders and assess viable funding options with the aim of developing a fundraising strategy to close the USD 10m short-term and USD 412M long-term gap hindering the implementation of PES scheme by SEDAPAL. For this purpose, GGGI will work alongside PROFONANPE, Peru’s GCF Direct Access Entity (DAE) which is set to administer the PES funds and develop a PES-aligned project pipeline. GGGI will pursue a blended finance approach aimed at mobilizing public, private and ODA resources.

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Global Green Growth Institute Multilateral Implementing
Global Green Growth Institute Multilateral Funding


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39,539 USD (Valued at Jun 29, 2019) circle Provider N/A circle Receiver N/A Expenditure date_rangeFeb 01, 2019


39,942 USD
39,942 USD (Valued at Jun 29, 2019) date_range Feb 01, 2019 - Jun 29, 2019
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