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Distributed Ledger Technology Powered Improved Cookstoves Finance Facility (DLTICS)

IATI Identifier: XM-DAC-47136-MM11
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  • date_range Oct 01, 2018 - Dec 31, 2020
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

Scaling-up the distribution of Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS) in Myanmar is hindered by financial and logistical barriers. (i.e. lack of capital and poor money value chain communication). To address this issue, the distribution of Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS) will be funded through a carbon credits financial mechanism. The financial and ICS distribution mechanisms will be linked using the blockchain technology. This technology will allow us to scale up ICS manufacturing and distribution by overcoming the financial and carbon credits accounting constrains of a common ICS project.

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Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
Global Green Growth Institute Multilateral Implementing
Department of Forestry Government Funding


Transaction Value Provider Receiver Type Date
72,069 USD (Valued at Dec 31, 2019) circle Provider N/A circle Receiver N/A Expenditure date_rangeJan 01, 2019


82,479 USD
82,479 USD (Valued at Dec 31, 2019) date_range Jan 01, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019
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