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Facilitating ESCO investments in Cambodian SMEs

IATI Identifier: XM-DAC-47136-KH10
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  • date_range Jun 30, 2019 - Jun 30, 2020
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Cambodia has seen a rapid industrial sector growth of 8% between 2009-2016. Simultaneously, its energy usage between 2010-2015 has increased by 11%. Cost of electricity from the Cambodian national grid is the highest in South East Asia. Electricity accounts for a disproportionate share of manufacturing costs. Other cost drivers are the usage of old, inefficient machinery with high maintenance cost. GGGI’s 2018 audits of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) show that factories can achieve double-digit energy cost savings – with payback time often not more than a few months. Interventions to promote energy and resource efficiency and drive down production costs for industrial manufacturing translate into a significant potential for GHG emission reduction sector wide and a potential for creating over 500,000 jobs (GGGI, 2018). The lower production costs would boost the competitiveness of Cambodian manufacturing within the sub-region. GGGI Cambodia estimates it can access around 40 SMEs which under-used energy audits of this kind. GGGI Cambodia aims to use these audits to mobilize ESCO investments proximately 3-5 million USD for an aggregated demand from SMEs. GGGI Cambodia aims to achieve the following deliverables: i.)Investment pipeline, business model and transaction structure of energy efficiency projects for manufacturing SMEs built ii.)Guarantee scheme designed iii.)Private investment of 2-3 million USD committed to energy efficiency projects in manufacturing SMEs through ESCO projects.

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Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
Global Green Growth Institute Multilateral Implementing
National Council for Sustainable Development, Ministry of Industries Government Funding
UNIDO Multilateral Funding


Transaction Value Provider Receiver Type Date
30,924 USD (Valued at Dec 31, 2019) circle Provider N/A circle Receiver N/A Expenditure date_rangeJun 30, 2019


44,201 USD
44,201 USD (Valued at Dec 31, 2019) date_range Jun 03, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019
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