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Objective 2: Organisations have better protection against sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment, through adopting CHS related guidance and tools that strengthen their polices, processes and practices.livery plan/logframe

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  • date_range Jul 20, 2020
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2.1 Update CHS Index and Verification Guide * Draft of reviewed and feedback provided CHS PSEAH Index and Verification Guide * Test/review updated index and guidance with key stakeholders (HQAI, IASC PSEA, CHS members) *Finalize idex and guidance based on feedback received. * Prepare mesaging for launching revised tool and guidance 2.2 Update PSEA Quick Implmentation Reference Handbook *Consult small sample of CHS members via the PSEAH Community of Practice - analysis strengths, usability and gaps in current handbook *Preparation of draft handbook and feedback from select small group of relevant stakeholders. * Finalize handbook, prepare for launch at CHS Exchange 2.4 Development of policies and guideliens - a. Code of Conduct (oC) Code of Conduct- membership analysis 2.5 Guidance on standardized/harmonized reporting of SEAH incidents and investigations from organizations to donors *Finalize detailed work plan with the IASC PSEA TEG and SCHR no later than end of August * Desk review on current reporting guidelines and expectations from a sample of donors 2.6 Guidance and signposting to other resources on PSEAH *Submission of due dligence to DFID Safeguading and Resource Hun - waiting approval. *Sign posting and sharing resouces with hub on an ongoing basis throughout project. Will also be sign positing as appropriate to the IASC PSEA micro site

  • Ending violence against women and girls

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