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COVAX initiative roll-out support - Yemen

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-41149486-YEM-21.3-SHO

Published on IATI
  • date_range Jul 26, 2021 - Apr 30, 2022
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

The project will contribute to the roll-out of COVAX initiative in 5 districts (Al-Maqatira, Al-Milah, Al-Mudaraba wa Al-Ara, Radfan, Tuban) in Lahj governorate, South Yemen. The project is concentrating on two pillars: 1. Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities; 2. Direct administration of vaccines to priority target groups

  • Basic Health Care Services in Emergencies

Participating Organisations

Giro555 National NGO Funding
Stichting Vluchteling International NGO Accountable
INTERSOS Onlus International NGO Implementing


Transaction Value Provider
Type Date
321,000 EUR Stichting SHO - Giro555 Stichting Vluchteling Incoming Funds
date_range Oct 11, 2021
300,000 EUR Provider N/A INTERSOS Onlus Commitment
date_range Jul 26, 2021
270,000 EUR Provider N/A Receiver N/A Disbursement
date_range Jul 22, 2021
321,000 EUR Stichting SHO - Giro555 Stichting Vluchteling
date_range May 06, 2021


378,995 USD
  • 321,000 EUR (Valued at Jul 26, 2021)
    date_range Jul 26, 2021 - Jan 26, 2022
access_time Updated on Feb 01, 2022 14:56:06
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