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Strengthening Reconciliation Processes in Sri Lanka (SRP)

IATI Identifier: GB-CHC-209131-GB-CHC-209131-A05366
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  • date_range Jul 01, 2018 - Oct 15, 2021
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The overall objective of the EU Joint Action on Strengthening Reconciliation Processes in Sri Lanka is that Government, Non-Government and grassroots organisations take joint responsibility in addressing key elements of the reconciliation process. This will be achieved through two main outputs: i) more effective and accountable institutional arrangements within and between stakeholders of State and Civil Society support reconciliation process; and ii) the systematic facilitation of strategic initiatives to support the non-recurrence pillar of reconciliation (intra-communal, inter-communal and North-South). The British Council will implement the Action contributing to Output ii comprising interventions linked to two clusters of activities, which are Reducing Language Barriers promoting arts and culture for reconciliation. The Reducing Language Barriers cluster of activities support the improvement of non-discriminatory service delivery in critical areas of public service in line with the Official Languages Policy and strengthening capacities for official translator and interpreter services. The Arts for Reconciliation interventions improve the use of multiple art forms and media to engage fragmented communities to promote reconciliation.

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Participating Organisations

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) Other Funding
British Council Other Public Sector Accountable
British Council Other Public Sector Implementing


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