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Newton fund, Peru

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  • date_range Apr 01, 2021 - Mar 31, 2022
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Newton Fund prioritised themes in Peru are Health , Biodiversity, Water and Research Governance. Newton Fund Project activities managed by the British Council since 2017 have made it possible to strengthen collaborative work between researchers (500+), public and private institutions (274+), and Peruvian and British public officials (288+) around barriers, challenges and opportunities in Peru. The British Council is recognised as one of the main promoters of the research, technology and innovation agenda in Peru, with special attention to regions (outside Lima capital city) with the aim of reducing gaps by strengthening capacities and generating connections that contribute to improving the socioeconomic well-being in the country. For FY 21/22 our work is focused in 2 items: The governance of the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), reinforcing research in biodiversity (the Bicentennial Plan 2021-24) and assistance to the new government that takes post in July 2021 (elections were held in April 2021). In this sense, the outputs of the technical consultancies will be an input for the decision-making of the new decision-makers and public policies officials to improve the management and use of science as a multisectoral tool.

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