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English and Digital for Girls' Education (EDGE)

IATI Identifier: GB-CHC-209131-A05331-25-03
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  • date_range Apr 01, 2017 - Jun 30, 2021
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

English and Digital for Girls’ Education (EDGE) is one of the components of VSO’s wider Sisters for Sisters' Education II (SfSE-II) project funded by DFID’s Girls’ Education Challenge Transition Window (GEC T). The component focuses on enhancing participants' English proficiency, digital skills and social / life skills; all key skills which have been identified as lacking in the labour market in South Asia and which will support girls to transition out of secondary school into employment, further study or livelihoods.

  • Basic life skills for youth and adults error
    Sector code:
    11230 - Basic life skills for youth and adults
    Sector vocabulary:
    1 - OECD DAC CRS Purpose Codes (5 digit)

Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) International NGO Funding
BRITISH COUNCIL Other Public Sector Accountable
BRITISH COUNCIL Other Public Sector Implementing
Global Action Nepal National NGO Implementing
Aasaman Nepal National NGO Implementing


Transaction Value Provider Receiver Type Date


623,503 USD
113,495 GBP (Valued at Apr 01, 2018) date_range Apr 01, 2018 - Mar 31, 2019
265,458 GBP (Valued at Apr 01, 2019) date_range Apr 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2020
69,808 GBP (Valued at Mar 01, 2020) date_range Apr 01, 2020 - Mar 31, 2021
20,221 GBP (Valued at Apr 01, 2021) date_range Apr 01, 2021 - Jun 30, 2021
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