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International Multi-Disciplinary Development Programme Environment & Climate Change

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  • date_range May 01, 2019 - Apr 30, 2021
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In October 2018 DFID (the UK Department for International Development) published a commercial tender to establish a number of framework contracts with potential suppliers for a variety of 11 topics, under the title "International Multi-Disciplinary Development Programme, IMDP", with the tender number 8373. The programme foresees a number of lots: 1. Climate Change and Environment (1 and 11) 2. Conflict and Governance (2 and 12) 3. Education (3 and 13) 4. Human Development and Health (4 and 14) 5. Humanitarian (5 and 15) 6. Infrastructure (6 and 16) 7. Liveihoods (7 and 17) 8. Social Development (8 and 18) 9. Procurement & Logistics (9 and 19) 10. Research (10 and 20) 11. Statistics and Data (11 and 22) The purpose of the tender is to identify a limited number of suppliers for each lot, "to enable DFID to access advice and expertise in a cost efficient and effective manner ... by multi-disciplinary teams of quality professionals to design, manage and deliver international development programmes services with greater agility and innovation whilst maintaining fair competition, in response to the dynamic and challenging needs of working in complex and fragile contexts" (ToR, p. 2). Hence, for each lot/ topic it is anticipated that programme pipelines will be launched by DFID to which framework participants will have access and can submit proposals for services. Lot numbers 1 to 10 comprise potential pipelines of max. 3 Mio GBP per project and lots 11-22 are high value contracts for up 3-12 Mio GBP per project. Following internal discussions in the Programme Management Team in 10/2018 and after consultation with a number of country offices, Welthungerhilfe decided to submit a bid as lead agency for a larger consortium for Lot 1 (Environment and Climate Change, low value contracts) and was selected as one of framework partners. The consortium includes ACTED, Ayunda en Accion, CESVI, Helvetas, HIVOS, PIN, Fundación para la investigación del clima (FIC, Spain) and International Synergies (UK).

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