HIF - Feasibility assessment of MCs and reusable pads as menstrual innovation in humanitarian programming

IATI Identifier: DE-CR-RA000220-VR3810-UGA-1077-18
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  • date_range Mar 01, 2018 - Sep 30, 2019
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In Sub-Saharan Africa, many women and girls do not have access to appropriate menstrual health management methods (MHM) and often resort to using poor-quality methods such as strips of cloth, tissue paper, school exercise books, sanitary napkins, pieces of sponge torn from mattresses and bark cloth. The lack of appropriate MHM methods may impact on physical, social and mental well-being of women and girls. Women and girls in humanitarian contexts, may have fewer coping mechanisms, their access to usual MHM methods may be disrupted, and private facilities for changing, bathing and washing, drying and disposing of products may not be available.

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