King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre
roomKing Abdullah Rd, King Saud University, King Saud University Near 4119، Riyadh 12371 7046
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Supporting health services for needy Palestine refugees in Lebanon (UNRWA).

IATI Identifier: XM-OCHAS-HPC6770-3156
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  • date_range Jun 01, 2019 - Jun 01, 2020
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

Providing health services to needy Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

  • Basic health care error
    Sector code:
    12220 - Basic health care
    Sector vocabulary:
    1 - OECD DAC CRS Purpose Codes (5 digit)

Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre Government Funding
United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Multilateral Implementing


Transaction Value Provider Receiver Type Date
1,521,279 USD (Valued at Jun 02, 2019) circle Provider N/A circle Receiver N/A Disbursement date_rangeJun 02, 2019


1,521,279 USD
1,521,279 USD (Valued at Jun 02, 2019) date_range Jun 02, 2019 - Jun 01, 2020
access_timeUpdated on Aug 28, 2019 06:47:10
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