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Strengthening Niger-Nigeria Cooperation on Countering Trafficking in Human Beings

IATI Identifier: XM-OCHA-585-XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000004262

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  • date_range Jan 01, 2021
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

The project aims to strengthen the coordination of anti-trafficking response in Niger and Nigeria, and to establish a multiagency framework for cooperation in combatting Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in both countries. The project will facilitate information sharing and collaboration, with the aim of strengthening investigation, prosecution and care for victims of trafficking in persons (VoTs) and to prevent victimization of stranded migrants. The project seeks to establish a coordination mechanism to strengthen the fight against TIP, as well as the referral of VoTs and stranded migrants between Niger and Nigeria through the establishment of a joint technical working group, and tailored joint capacity building programmes for key migration stakeholders. The project will take into account ongoing initiatives between Niger and Nigeria in the areas of victim assistance and the dismantling of trafficking and Smuggling networks. The project will leverage on existing mechanisms to improve the impact of the proposed actions. The project will establish a collaboration framework for combatting Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in Niger and Nigeria. This will involve 1.) Establishing a Joint Technical Working Group to facilitate information sharing and coordinate joint actions in combatting TIP; 2.) Strengthening the capacities of state actors in Niger and Nigeria to conduct joint operations in the areas of identification, investigation, prosecution and protection of victims of trafficking. Result 1: A Niger-Nigeria joint technical working group established to coordinate interventions in the field of human trafficking between the two countries; Activities: 1.1.1. Conduct, present and validate a comprehensive assessment of TIP situation in Niger and Nigeria. The assessment will map government, CSO and international actors, review existing initiatives in, and between both countries in the area of international cooperation, existing policies and tools, SOPs, trafficking trends, and modus operandi of traffickers. 1.2.1 Set-up JTWG Office 1.3.1 Develop Terms of Reference (ToR) for the identification and constitution of the JTWG 1.3.2 Inauguration of JTWG and establishment of at least three (03) sub-committees to work on thematic areas as per findings of the assessment and to report to the JTWG 1.3.3 Elaborate JTWG annual workplan and implementation framework 1.3.4 Organise two (04) meetings per year of the JTWG 1.3.5 Organise monthly meetings of the sub-committees for the implementation of the JTWG workplan 1.3.6 Implement sub-committee’ activities in line with JTWG workplan 1.4.1 Organise annual regional conference to share lessons learnt on international cooperation in combatting TIP Result 2: The capacities of actors in both countries strengthened in the areas of investigation, prosecution and victim assistance through joint tailor-made capacity building programmes, as identified in the comprehensive assessment. Activities 2.1.1 Develop joint standard operating procedures (SOPs) for transnational referral of victims, building upon existing national referral mechanisms in both countries 2.1.2 Develop a directory of first line responders in both countries (both from criminal justice and civil society organisations) 2.2.1 Train first line responders on the victim-centred approach to combatting TIP and SOM, using the SOPs 2.2.2 Organise joint capacity building trainings involving criminal justice practitioners and CSOs from both countries on different thematic areas (identification, investigation, prosecution, victim assistance/protection, return and reintegration etc.) 2.2.3 Develop sensitisation tools/materials (which will be used for JTWG sensitisation activities/campaigns

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