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2030 sectorial decarbonisation plans

IATI Identifier: XI-IATI-MX-RFC-ICM160118IZ1- 415000032762
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  • date_range Apr 01, 2019 - Aug 31, 2020
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Within this project a preliminary 1.5°C/2°C-based 2050 National Carbon Budget has been estimated and three sectoral decarbonization pathways are being elaborated as core inputs to strengthen the planning capacity and decision-making, as well as to increase climate ambition in the country. The project aims to provide in-depth technical inputs to decision makers, primarily for the federal government ministries (specifically Environment, Energy and Territorial Planning), the federal Congress and Senate and other actors that should be involved in the appropriation of the decarbonization plans. The development of a 1.5°C/2°C-based 2050 National Carbon Budget and three sectoral decarbonization pathways (for the three largest GHG emission sectors) will contribute to a new national climate narrative and a new approach to climate governance, bringing the experience from the UK, which will be ideally used to build more ambitious, coordinated and coherent planning instrument for key stakeholders and decision-makers. This new narrative will respond to the global challenge described by the IPCC in their latest Special Report and to the mandate of the Climate Change Law to have a sectoral mitigation pathway to comply with the long-term mitigation goal. This project recognizes that the elaboration of a national carbon budget implies a sustained and long-term effort; however, this project aims to set the foundation for this action which never has been done in Mexico. This project came at a time when the new government will develop national and sectoral programs, as well as a new NDC by 2020. The project’s technical-based inputs aim to ensure that no measures are taken in contradiction with the mitigation pathways required under the Paris Agreement. The technical-based inputs provided could help improve understanding on how to design and implement decisions to support the medium and long-term climate agenda, adding value to the rest of the projects supported by various UK programs and other bilateral and international cooperation agencies’ efforts. The methodology developed will increase national stakeholders’ technical capabilities and could be replicated for other high-emitting emission sectors (such as industry, waste and LULUCF) or in other countries, contributing to the global stocktake discussions. The decarbonization pathways will be developed considering a gender perspective, analyzing the differentiated needs and capacities for men and women in the enhanced climate action, and avoiding any negative impact for women in the decarbonization pathways.

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