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TC Harold Response: Essential WASH Supplies with Minimum Supply Chain in Vanuatu

IATI Identifier: US-EIN-61-1725201-AP20002

Published on IATI
  • date_range May 01, 2020 - Jul 31, 2020
  • autorenew Closed (Status)

Manufacture and distribute 5000 buckets and 200 latrines and 300 handwashing stations, and distribute IEC materials to 3000 individuals, and a fesibility study on soap and sanitary napkins local manufacture

  • Material relief assistance and services

Participating Organisations

Danish Refugee Council International NGO Funding
Field Ready International NGO Implementing


Transaction Value Provider
Type Date
106,010 GBP Provider N/A Receiver N/A Expenditure
date_range Jul 31, 2020
106,010 GBP Danish Refugee Council provided funds through activity DK-CVR-20699310-DF21849 to Field Ready Inc. in the US to implement in Vanuatu Field Ready Inc. received the funds in the US and implemented the activities in Vanuatu Incoming Funds
date_range May 01, 2020


132,534 USD
  • 106,010 GBP (Valued at May 01, 2020)
    date_range May 01, 2020 - Jul 31, 2020
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