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DGIS Q3 Activity Report 2021

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  • date_range Jul 01, 2021
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ATNI has committed to deliver the following Core Objectives. Core Objective 1 Publish two further flagship Global Indexes for c. 25 manufacturers in 2018 and 2020. Core Objective 2 Publish comprehensive analysis of companies' breast-milk substitutes (BMS) marketing policies and practices in both Global and Spotlight Indexes. Core Objective 3 Publish two India Spotlight Indexes for c. 10-20 manufacturers in 2016 and 2019. Core Objective 4 Publish Product Profiles for all India Spotlight Indexes. Core Objective 5 Extend outreach activities for different stakeholder groups, particularly investors, to amplify impact. Core Objective 6 Develop action research activities to advance thinking and practice in key areas. Core Objective 7 Develop measurement and evaluations. Core Objective 8 Conduct a feasibility study on expansion and innovation. Additional ATNI Objectives (funded by various, not part of prolongation) ATNF also sees various options for expansion, on top of the Core Objectives, for which additional funding would be needed. These include: Additional Objective 1 Developing one or more Global Indexes that assesses the performance of other key segments of the F&B industry, e.g., retailers, food service companies, fast food chains. Additional Objective 2 Development of new Spotlight Indexes for other priority countries. Additional Objective 3 Further development of complementary verification-type activities, such as the Product Profile (that could be expanded to assess labelling compliance and marketing spending; more or wider BMS marketing assessments, etc.). Extra activities 2020-2022 (funded by FCDO, not part of prolongation) With the additional funding support from FCDO as per amendment No. 01/2020, signed April 16, 2020, to the ongoing Accountable Grant for this project (no. 300590) ATNI will embark on the following extra activities: Map and monitor food and beverage (F&B) sector companies' responses to COVID-19 starting April 2020. Private sector commitment monitoring hub supporting 2020 Global Nutrition Summit (GNS)/Nutrition for Growth (N4G), 2021 United Nation’s Food System Summit (UNFSS) and World Health Organization (WHO) starting August 2020. Investor coalition starting October 2020. Workforce nutrition action research starting January 2021. Action research to assess inequities in nutritional qualities of companies' product portfolios across markets starting January 2021. Country approach starting July 2021.


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