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2017 PJ3520 Dutch Relief Alliance Central African Republic Joint Response 3 (CFJR3)

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-41215393-PJ3520

Published on IATI
  • date_range Mar 01, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

Since the end of 2012, after 3 years of instability, the size and complexity of the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic is unprecedented. The political-military crisis has severely damaged social texture and inter-communal tensions have reached the highest level in history. From September 2016 onwards, communities in north-west CAR have experienced an upsurge of violence, marking the end of the ‘grace period’ of the newly-elected President. Movement of rebel groups around Markounda and Batangafo has frequently hindered the delivery of programmes, with many agencies’ operations halted in November. It is reported that 50 people were killed and a further 17,000 displaced in Ouham between 21 and 27 November. The socio-economic reintegration of IDPs and host communities remains a priority, following the collapse of the economy in CAR as a result of the conflict. Agriculture, the economic mainstay, saw a drop of 58% in production in 2014 as insecurity, displacement and the destruction of community structures resulted in a decimation of livelihoods options. Of two million people in need of humanitarian assistance, at least 65% have lost their means of subsistence (HRP 2017). Economic reintegration is a critical component of the DDR process and is required to build the resilience of populations and support the transition from humanitarian relief to longer-term development in CAR. The child protection sub-cluster has identified severe gaps in child protection provision in both Markounda and Batangafo.

  • Ending violence against women and girls

  • Child soldiers (prevention and demobilisation)

  • Relief co-ordination and support services

Participating Organisations

Stichting Cordaid International NGO Funding
War Child Holland International NGO Accountable
War Child UK International NGO Implementing
AFRBD National NGO Implementing
Emergencia National NGO Implementing


Transaction Value Provider
Type Date
14,314 EUR War Child Holland War Child UK Commitment
date_range Mar 01, 2018
280,950 EUR Cordaid War Child Holland Incoming Funds
date_range Dec 31, 2017
271,962 EUR War Child Holland War Child UK Disbursement
date_range Dec 31, 2017
9,461 EUR War Child Holland Receiver N/A Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2017
295,737 EUR Cordaid War Child Holland
date_range Dec 31, 2017
100,196 EUR War Child Holland War Child UK Commitment
date_range Sep 01, 2017
171,766 EUR War Child Holland War Child UK Commitment
date_range Apr 01, 2017


659,025 USD
  • 295,737 EUR (Valued at Apr 01, 2017)
    date_range Apr 01, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
  • 286,277 EUR (Valued at Dec 31, 2017)
    date_range Apr 01, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
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