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2017 PJ3517 - Dutch Relief Alliance Northern Iraq Joint Response 3 (IQJR3)

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-41215393-PJ3517

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  • date_range Mar 01, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
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Conflict and Consequences <p></p> The 2017 HRP has described Ninewah governorate as one of the epicenters of this crisis, hosting nearly 60 per cent of people in need of assistance and protection. As many as 3 million people in Ninewa Governorate, including Mosul city, are expected to require some form of humanitarian support in 2017. Needs are expected to be greatest for people directly impacted by fighting including newly displaced families. Support for residents in newly retaken areas and for returnees will also be required. The most recent Iraq Child Protection Sub-cluster secondary data review in Ninewah goveranorate dated 12 december 2016 on key child protection issues from a compilation of reports are worrying, they include but not limited to; Abduction, Child Labour, Children Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups, Justice for Children, Killing and Maiming of Children and Physical Violence. <p></p> Project aim: <p></p> General Objective: Life-saving and life-sustaining humanitarian assistance is provided to people in need, prioritising the most vulnerable <p></p> Specific Objectives: War Child's proposal strategically aims to provide child protection services in newly retaken, returnee, hard to reach locations in and around east Mosul and IDP camp in Ninewa governorate. <p></p> Expected Results: <p></p> 1. 600 IDPs and returnee children received PSS and improved in psychological wellbeing, showing positive social interactions with other children <p></p> 2. 300 highly vulnerable and at risk children received specialized CP services through case management, PFA support <p></p> 3. 200 children and youth benefitted from refferal to other service providers (100 in each location) <p></p> 4. Capacity of local NGOs and duty bearers built in Child Protection in Emergency, Psychosocial First Aid, case management and community participation through trainings (80 participants) 5. 8000 affected people reached through CP advocacy initiatives, including parents, teachers, local leaders and duty bearers <p></p> 6. 6 Child Protection Community Based Committees established and actively engaged in CP monitoring and strengthened. <p></p> 7. Children and youth active participation in awareness raising campaigns. This will, among other issues, include mine risk education and GBV <p></p> 8. 2500 children will enjoy services in the 5 CFSs <p></p>

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