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2018 NL4005 Teacher Professional Development project in Colombia

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-41215393-NL4005

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  • date_range Apr 01, 2018
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A growing body of evidence highlights the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL) on children's wellbeing, positive social interactions and learning outcomes. As the driving force on the building of SEL in the classroom, the social and emotional competency level, including wellbeing, of teachers strongly influences their ability to create an effective and supportive learning environment. But with a global shortage of qualified teachers, especially in contexts affected by conflict how will such reforms in teaching and learning reach the classroom and be sustained? This study aims to test an TPD intervention that has been developed by War Child Holland that builds teacher capacity in three areas (i) personal social emotional competences; (ii) wellbeing; (iii) positive classroom management. The intervention aims to provide individual support to teachers through in-class coaching, going beyond the quick fix of a workshop training to a more sustained, individual and enquiry based learning. A core part of the intervention is to challenge the culture in schools to expand the view of education more broadly than just academic learning outcomes to include social and emotional outcomes. In order to facilitate this, the intervention will undertake a whole school approach with all the teachers in the school engaged in the process building a shared experience, vision and support network. The intervention does not include working directly with the teachers but instead focuses on building the capacity of a pool of coaches. These coaches, in turn will provide intensive, ongoing, and specific coaching to teachers over a 6 month period, through a repeating cycle of: i) observation, ii) one-on-one personal development planning, iii) in-class support and iv) teacher practice time.

  • Administrative costs (non-sector allocable)

  • Immediate post-emergency reconstruction and rehabilitation

  • Social services (incl youth development and women+ children)

  • Teacher training

  • Basic life skills for youth and adults

Participating Organisations

War Child Holland International NGO Accountable
De Johan Donk-Grote Stichting Other Funding


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16,364 EUR War Child Holland Receiver N/A Expenditure
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