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2016 PJ3479 Krigsbarn Children of War

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  • date_range Oct 15, 2015 - Oct 30, 2015
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Krigsbarn<p></p> reportage om barndom i konfliktzoner<p></p> Background<p></p> Children of war Worldwide, an estimated 15 million children grow up in war or in major conflict. Last year alone saw a worsening of the violence in Syria and Iraq, a new humanitarian emergency in Gaza, and ever continuing conflict in Colombia and DR Congo. Children growing up in these places are confronted with physical harm, violence, danger, exploitation, fear and loss. Many children are forced to flee. Some witness the death of loved ones. Some are forced to pull the trigger themselves. Communities are ripped apart and can no longer provide a secure environment for children. Adults are busy surviving, parents have little time for their children. A child who may be left alone with trauma, physical or mental, is not only risking undermining its own future, but also an entire community. Growing up in a protective environment is essential for children to develop to their full potential, and to develop the future of a country.<p></p>Awareness needed The war and armed conflicts taking place in the Middle-East, Africa and elsewhere in the world are not isolated situations. Quite the contrary: especially this last year, Europe has been confronted with the consequences of severe armed conflicts in the world. Hundreds of thousands of families are attempting to flee away from the violence in their home country, in search for a safe place for themselves and their family. This has resulted in an intense debate about refugees accessing Europe, and how European countries should deal with the influx of refugees. It is therefore crucial to have an informed discussion, and to learn what affects these families and children who are subject of the debate. There is a need to tell their story and learn more about their background. Who are these children growing up in conflict? What is the impact of conflict on their development? And how do they find the strength to rebuild their lives? <p></p> In order to give these children a face, and to raise awareness for their situation, War Child proposes a unique project in partnership with reporter and journalist Magnus Falkehed and photographer Niclas Hammarström: two journalists who have first-hand experience in places affected by conflict. They have witnessed the effects of armed conflict on children in West and North Africa, the Middle-East and in Central America, and have always done their best to document it and to raise awareness for the situation of the most vulnerable. In November 2013 - January 2014 Magnus and Niclas themselves became casualties of the war when they were taken hostages in the war in Syria. On it followed the book Idag ska vi inte dö -fångar i krigets Syrien and a massive media interest in Sweden and beyond. Magnus and Niclas are very committed to turn the attention they have received to put children in war in focus, and to give people a chance to support these children.<p></p> Stories about childhood in conflict zones<p></p> This project will implement three to four hearty reports - each containing various stories - from different conflict-affected areas in the world. These stories will touch with their proximity, in both text and image. By staying in each place for a longer time, Magnus and Niclas will be able to go further and deeper, and simply get closer than an ‘average’ media visit to a conflict. The focus will not just be on the problems, but also on solutions and hope, when they are available. The stories and pictures will be published in Swedish and international media to draw people’s attention, and generate understanding for the situation of children in war. In addition, an exhibition will be organized in various locations depicting images, video, and text, to present the multifaceted reality of children in war. Moreover, it is expected that this report will draw the media’s attention and that the reporters will get the opportunity to appear in interviews with (Swedish and international) television and radio stations to raise awareness for the situation of children affected by conflict.<p></p> The overall objective of this project is to raise awareness for the situation of children affected by armed conflict, and how they find the strength to rebuild their lives. <p></p>This will contribute to more understanding by the Swedish public to the needs and context of children growing up in conflict. The specific objectives are to:<p></p> Reach a million Swedish people and a million people beyond Sweden with stories, photos and debate on children affected by conflict;<p></p> Influence the national debate on issues affecting children in conflict;<p></p> Provide the Swedish people opportunity to act and support children affected by war.<p></p>

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