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2016 LB050 SY4003 Education and Psychosocial Support for Vulnerable Children in Syria CATCH

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-41215393-LB050

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  • date_range Sep 01, 2015 - Jan 31, 2016
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The overall objective of War Child’s program in Syria is to strengthen children’s resilience to cope with the medium to long term effects of the conflict. <p></p> The specific objective is that vulnerable children have strengthened skills, coping mechanisms and self-confidence through services provided by implementing partners. <p></p> Result 1: Local partners have increased organizational capacities, and the relevant technical support to provide education, psychosocial and other child friendly services to vulnerable children and young people in Syria. <p></p> Result 2: Vulnerable children and young people receive education, psychosocial support, and other services in a safe environment. <p></p> Result 3: Networking and coordination between local child rights based partners in Syria, as well as between relevant INGO’s in Lebanon, is strengthened in order to safely provide more informed and coordinated support for vulnerable children.

  • Social Protection

  • Primary education

Participating Organisations

Donor 17 (funding). Exclusion Policy: Donor requests anonymity. Funding
War Child Holland (accountable) Accountable
Partner 8 (implementing). Exclusion policy: Due to security reasons no further details can be provided. Implementing


Transaction Value Provider
Type Date
30 EUR War Child Holland Receiver N/A Expenditure
date_range Aug 31, 2019
71,722 EUR War Child Holland Idil Yardimlasma Dayanisma Ve Kalkinma Dernegi (Emissa) Disbursement
date_range Dec 31, 2018
496 EUR War Child Holland Receiver N/A Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2018
9,950 EUR War Child Holland Receiver N/A Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2018


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