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2016 LK003 Mobilising Communities to Protect Children

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-41215393-LK003
Published in IATI IATI
  • date_range Jan 01, 2014 - Dec 31, 2016
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

This project aims to help children and youth to grow up in an environment in which they can benefit from quality and relevant Education, a protective environment where they are free from violence, exploitation and abuse and is supportive of their healthy emotional, social, and cognitive development.

  • Immediate post-emergency reconstruction and rehabilitation error
    Sector code:
    73010 - Immediate post-emergency reconstruction and rehabilitation
    Sector vocabulary:
    1 - OECD DAC CRS Purpose Codes (5 digit)

Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
War Child Holland Funding
War Child Holland (leading) Accountable
Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya (Inc) Sarvodaya (implementing) Implementing


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