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Source2Gather: for every new Challenge, there is an Opportunity

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  • date_range Mar 01, 2020 - Dec 01, 2021
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To facilitate the DCHI community in even more ways to make change, DCHI is actively reaching out to engage and connect humanitarian actors. With it, the coalition has launched Source2Gather. A new way working for effective aid and development. In this online marketplace solution providers and opportunity seekers are supported to increase their local impact. It is a way for the coalition to put organisational values into action. In times of pressing needs during COVID19 DCHI launched the content platform in April 2020: The platform is fully interactive, to make sure that we can gather your input, and continue sharing information. You can share a challenge you feel we’ve missed, an existing solution or general feedback. Source2Gather is a collaborative platform created by DCHI, that aims to inspire, inform and engage humanitarian professionals and entrepreneurs, and empower those of us who think in opportunities in the midst of a crisis. Themes Modern Energy Hygiene Education Information Sharing New behaviour Vulnerable populations


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