Open Innovation Toolkit - 2020

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The Humanitarian Accelerator Programme (HAP) open innovation methodology is developed and tested by the Dutch Coalition of Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI) in close collaboration with Outside inc. It is created in line with the purpose of DCHI to empower innovators in the humanitarian sector. The method enables humanitarian aid and development organisations to look beyond funding strategies and find new solutions and business models to tackle those challenges that cannot be solved in isolation but require refreshing partnerships to co-create sustainable impact. With the need for humanitarian aid growing due to large global trends like climate change & protracted conflicts, and finance always being in short supply, open innovation is required to find new and more effective ways to tackle the problems of crisis-affected populations. This HAP open innovation toolkit (100+ pages) is a collection of selected and developed tools that were tested in the context of supporting the humanitarian accelerator program (HAP). The Dutch Coalition of Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI) and Outside inc. selected freely online available tools and developed and tested others in line with the purpose of DCHI to empower innovators in the humanitarian sector. The HAP toolkit enables humanitarian aid and development organizations to practice with and execute open innovation projects. These key deliverables, supporting tools and exercises help to formulate and tackle innovation challenges together with refreshing partners to co-create sustainable impact. This ‘HAP toolkit’ presents and explains the key deliverables of a HAP program (DCHI copyright) and provides supporting tools (from multiple sources) and will bring the HAP Methodology to life. It will help you to get into action and enable you to constantly improve your joint innovation. Want-find-get is a proven open innovation method and a registered Trademark of Alliance Management Group, Inc. We use this simple framework in the humanitarian context to (1) explore and express the need of crisis affected people, (2) collect and commit partners and solutions and to (3) plan, perform and pivot (improve) the aspired joint impact. The process steps and supplementary toolkit offer an engine to develop innovative solutions together with partners that create new impact in the humanitarian sector. In contrast to standard projects, innovation drives sustainable impact by questioning existing practices, norms, policies and rationales and creative problem-solving that seeks to unleash new value for the users. Unique to the HAP open innovation methodology is a mix of: + A problem first approach to enable a fit for purpose solution + Partnering-up to leverage unique outside solutions, experience, power and skills + A partnership process that fosters co-creation and shared value creation + User centric design by involving crisis-affected people to shape an impactful solution + Learning by doing Use this open innovation method when you are looking for a creative process to help you solve tough challenges and you are willing to learn, collaborate with outside partners and grow new sustainable solutions.


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