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Fishery products Indonesia

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-27378529-CBIXH1

Published on IATI
  • date_range Oct 01, 2012 - Dec 31, 2016
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The programme proposal very much focuses on supporting the Indonesian fisheriessector to overcome the most important export marketing and EU market relatedbottlenecks identified, which prevent the sector to get the maximum out of its resource. The fisheries sector in Indonesia has made significant progress in the last couple of years also in conforming to EU market requirements. This is also recognised by the European market which increasingly is interested to source in Indonesia. However, still a lot of work has to be done including strengthening export capacity of exporters and sector associations, marketing and promotion of Indonesian fishery products on the EU market, value addition, value chain management, hygiene/food safety, traceability and sustainability in order for the Indonesian fisheries sector to reach a higher degree of sustainability/responsible fishery and at the same time increase the value of exports. This is not only necessary to meet the demands of international markets but also to make sure that Indonesia will continue to have a viable fisheries sector, also in the longer run. In view of the above, the CBI programme strategy will basically focus on the following areas of intervention. First strengthening the export sector through export coaching and business skills training of processors/exporters in relation to the European market. Secondly, increasing knowledge/awareness on relevant EU market requirements, facilitating companies and institutions to develop the right compliance strategies. Thirdly, supporting the sector among others by strengthening associations, assisting with developing and implementing marketing/branding strategy, professionalizing Indonesia presentation on the European Seafood Exposition. The programme contributes to a sustainable export increase, minimal 10 companies achieve a total additional export turnover of 7.5 million and another 25 companies supported by BSO activities 5 million by the end of 2017. Further it will contribute to the development of local capacity by intensive cooperation with l3SOs and involvement of local experts.

  • Fishing policy and administrative management

  • Fishery development

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Transaction Value Provider
Type Date
39,625 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures 2017 Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2017
95,789 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures 2016 Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2016
176,390 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures 2015 Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2015
297,462 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures from start project until 2014-12-31 Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2014
189,426 EUR Provider N/A Receiver N/A Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2013
995,000 EUR Netherlands Enterprise Agency Receiver N/A Incoming Funds
date_range Oct 01, 2012


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