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Made in Bolivia

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-27378529-CBIBO1

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  • date_range Apr 01, 2013 - Dec 31, 2017
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This business Case sets out the unmistaken demand for this niche product in several European countries. This proven demand is the starting point of this programme. Bolivian wine is consideredto be an exotic product that will demand a place on the shelves of wine specialty shops and on-trade channels across different countries in Europe. The product of ` High Altitude Wines` is unique and creates an opportunity to sell the image of Bolivia, which in current times is nearly non- existent. The supply of Bolivian wines deserves a lot of attention. Despite being a relatively smalsector in size, it has a lot of potential. The quality is not always that consistent however, growth in Ha's should be planned, working conditions can be improved, institutional support should be developed and economies of scale can be improved. So far, Bolivia has not had any incentive to do this, because nearly all of its supply is sold domestically. Focussing on export markets does bring this incentive to create growth and development of this sector. The private sector that represent the wine sector in Bolivia, have come to realize this and is very much committed to take the sector to a higher level, through exports. Three categories of value chain constraints have been determined: Supply-related bottlenecks, lack of export knowledge and skills, and lack of institutional support for export and sector development. This programme tackles these constraints in a two-project export development programme. The first project results in the establishment of a generic body that will provide a.o. business support through expos-related services, and sector planning. The second project focuses on export coaching of the companies that are considered to be able to export within 4 years time. Opportunities for co-financing and the inclusion of other NGOs will be explored during the implementation phase of the programme. Although the interest of different NGOs is evident, so far this has not yet resulted in a concrete proposal for co-financing. It is expected to have other organisations involved as soon as CBI has made a start with this programme. The export development programme of Bolivian wine is in fact a sub-programme within an on- going country programme of Bolivia. It is expected that in later stages sub-programmes dealing."

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