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Upgrading garment exporters – Bangladesh

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-27378529-CBIBD1
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  • date_range Dec 01, 2013 - Dec 31, 2018
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The garment sector in Bangladesh has expanded rapidly over the last years and currently consists of some 5000 factories, employing approximately 3.6 million workers, of which 80% women. Bangladesh has become one of the leading sourcing destinations for EU and US buyers mainly because of competitive advantages such as zero import duties, low wages and abundantly available workers with sufficient skills. Despite this strong growth in number of companies, garment exports are predominately geared at lower market segments, making the country vulnerable as these segments are extremely price dependent. Not only supply side factors, but also insufficient awareness among European buyers about the developments and diversification of the garment sector in Bangladesh adversely affect current export opportunities into higher market segments. This situation is further consolidated by a negative reputation of the sector because of allegedly below standard labour conditions, aggravated by safety issues such as regularly occurring fires in factories. The collapse of Rana Plaza on 24 April 2013 with more than 1100 casualties, triggered worldwide attention for the circumstances in the garment sector in Bangladesh. The Netherlands has taken a leading role and has made improving safety and working conditions a policy priority. Against this background CBI designed an integrated export programme, largely based on the findings of a value chain analysis and stakeholder meetings carried out in the second half of 2012. Main aim is to assist the Bangladesh garment sector to develop exports into higher segments, to improve its image on the EU market and to contribute to a higher degree of compliance. This is mainly to be achieved through 1) Providing export coaching and training to a group of around 30 selected companies, 2) Developing an export marketing/branding strategy focussed on improving the image of the Bangladeshi garment sector, 3) Developing/strengthening relevant export services such as EU market information, sourcing expertise, professionalizing trade fair participation. This way associations are better able to serve the companies in the sector and extend the scope of the programme and 4) Paying attention to CSR compliance in close collaboration with other organizations like ILO Better Works and GIZ. "

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