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Jordan Apparel

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  • date_range Jan 01, 2020 - Jul 01, 2024
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European buyers are increasingly looking for sourcing opportunities that are close-by, flexible in terms of small orders, and aware of corporate social responsibility standards. Many of these aspects can be met in Jordan. The ambition of the Jordan Apparel programme is to kick-start and develop Jordanian garment exports to Europe and to position the country as a new sourcing destination for importers who are interested in innovative niche products within for instance Islamic wear or sportswear. Through regular business export coaching on site as well as group trainings, participating companies will have a clear understanding of EU product quality standards and requirements, increase their efficiency and production and improve their design capacities, making them ‘EU-fit’. Trade fair participation will help the companies to access the European market and acquire the necessary business contacts. The capacity of the Jordan Garment Alliance will be strengthened so it will be able to support local companies with services such as trade fair participation and match-making, provide information on sustainability standards and export regulations, and act as a policy advocate. Furthermore, CBI will work towards a nationwide Sector Export Marketing Plan. There is also a chance for the larger – already exporting – garment factories to get involved; not as participants but as ambassadors for the branding of garments from Jordan. This way, the programme will enhance collaboration throughout all segments of the sector. The Jordan Apparel programme runs from 2019 until 2023, targeting 21 small- and medium sized enterprises active the garment sector. The goal is to achieve an EU-bound export increase of € 2.5 million one year after the end of the programme, and to create an 105 additional direct jobs.

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