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Jordan Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-27378529-CBIJO2301

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  • date_range Mar 22, 2017 - Sep 18, 2025
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

Jordan has some competitive advantages as a supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables, in particular because of the long lasting production season in the Jordan Valley. Products with good opportunities for export are for example dates, strawberries, stone fruits, and high-end vegetables. However, over the past six years the sector was hit hard by the protracted conflict in the region. The Fresh Fruits & Vegetables programme aims to support Jordanian small- and medium sized enterprises in the fruits- and vegetable sector to increase their exports both in terms of quality and quantity, enhance sector collaboration and improve Jordan’s export enabling environment. Regular technical assistance and export coaching will make the companies reliable suppliers of qualitative, certified and healthy food with increased access to their target markets. The capacity of the Jordan Exporters and Producers Association will be built in order for them to take a leading role in export promotion activities, such as trade fair participation and trade missions, and be a true advocate representing the entire Jordanian fruits and vegetable sector. Furthermore, CBI will support the Ministry of Agriculture to work towards a strong and trustworthy market intelligence tool. Unique to this programme is the fact that CBI helps the Jordanian enterprises to access four different target markets to best fit their aspirations and capabilities; Europe, Russia, South-East Asia and the Gulf region. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Jordan runs from 2018 until 2022, directly supporting 30 enterprises, and has the ambition to generate a total of € 20 million additional export growth and create 100 additional fixed jobs by the end of the programme.

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