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Sustainable Home Decoration & Home Textiles Programme Asia

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-27378529-CBIXQ1

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  • date_range Aug 01, 2013 - Aug 01, 2018
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The Sustainable Home Decoration & Home Textiles programme Asia aims at an increased market share of Asian SME exporters in the EU value-added market segments, working on the creation of a colourful shopping baskets of value added, sustainably designed products of natural fibres. Through three integrated country projects in respectively Indonesia, Bangladesh and Mongolia the private sector will be capacitated to pro-actively strategize on, develop and market new value-added produce. At the same time, the enabling environment is being facilitated in improving its export marketing related service delivery to SMEs. Marketing and sustainable design are the two central themes driving the programme as well as the focus on female entrepreneurs and inclusive businesses. The programme will capacitate the exporters in making commercially viable value added products while at the same time increasing the conservation of the environment and improving social equity, creating therewith more value for people, the environment and business. Through sustainable design trajectories a selected group of companies from these countries will receive in depth assistance in sustainability, working towards certified value chains. This will partially be done through so-called co-creation trajectories. In the co-creation trajectories both exporter and importer receive tailor-made guidance in product development and sustainability issues, focusing on the conception, development and marketing of sustainable products. To assure sustainable development, business support organisations will be capacitated simultaneously on the same subjects, be it then translated to their own level, e.g. branding, (national) standards.

  • Business development services

  • Cottage industries and handicraft

Participating Organisations

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Transaction Value Provider
Type Date
105,603 EUR Provider N/A Receiver N/A Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2018
386,222 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures 2017 Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2017
537,272 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures 2016 Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2016
357,006 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures 2015 Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2015
688,000 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures from start project until 2014-12-31 Expenditure
date_range Dec 31, 2014
2,150,000 EUR Netherlands Enterprise Agency Receiver N/A
date_range Aug 01, 2013


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