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Country Programme Afghanistan

IATI Identifier: NL-KVK-27378529-CBIAF1

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  • date_range Jun 05, 2013 - Dec 31, 2015
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CBI contributes to the sustainable economic development in developing countries through the expansion of exports from these countries. Within the Asian region, Afghanistan has been prioritized as a focus country. The two sectors Natural Ingredients (henceforth NI) and Home Decoration/Home Textiles (henceforth HDHT) have been identified as the best match for receiving CBI support through programme intervention. These sectors offer good opportunities in creating synergy with the most important stakeholder initiatives currently taking place within the field of private sector development, especially those aimed at ameliorating sector specificproblems which can lead to an increased export turnover to [@Description]both the region and Europe. Afghanistan demonstrates a heightened level of complexity that must be approached diligently. In this context, the CBI has designed a country program which will be implemented between 2013-17. The program is also designed to adequately adjust to the ever changing political and security situation in the country, especially that leading up to ISAFS withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014. ln program incorporates two Export Coaching Programs (ECP) and will run concomitantly with a Business Support Organisational Development (BSOD) aiming to support the institutional capacity building of the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan (EPAA). Where possible, the CBI will aim to create synergy with other important stakeholder initiativesincluding CBls Asia regional programs. Further, the program aims to provide a lasting impact on poverty reduction through employment and income generation and better integrated supply chains leading to improved labour practice and more sustainable production in both sectors. Why Natural Ingredients (NI) and Home Decoration & Home Textiles [HDHT]? The textiles and agriculture sector are among eight of the most promising export sectors for Afghanistan. These sectors have traditionally been part of the countrys main exports earnings contributing largely to the countrys overall economy and GDP. HDHT and NI sectors have further been chosen as they have a demonstrated potential for increased exports given the intervention methodologies of the CBI. According to recent stakeholder meetings in the country, multi-stakeholder initiatives focus predominantly on structural issues and do not adequately address the numerous restraints faced by most SMEs. The most salient restraints being insufficient access to market intelligence and knowledge of EU market access requirements. This gives CBI a unique proposition to address those requirements specifically needed by SMEs while complimenting and building synergy with other important stakeholder initiatives. Lastly, due to the geographic expansion of these sectors, proper intervention can provide a spread of employment opportunities, especially for women, and livelihood support to thousands of households particularly in remote and rural areas.

  • Cottage industries and handicraft

  • Industrial crops/export crops

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54,153 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures 2015 Expenditure
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263,378 EUR Provider N/A Expenditures from start project until 2014-12-31 Expenditure
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560,000 EUR Netherlands Enterprise Agency Receiver N/A Incoming Funds
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