HiiL Innovating Justice Strategic Program 2016-2018

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  • date_range Jan 01, 2016 - Dec 31, 2018
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This program for January 2016-31 December 2018 leverages the justice measurement and innovation acceleration approach developed by HiiL Innovating Justice to make a strategic contribution towards improving access to justice for citizens in the priorities of MFA. In this program concrete and sustainable access to justice outcomes on two levels will be realized on two levels with a focus on the priority countries of MFA: 1. By executing 6 Justice Need and Satisfaction surveys we will create concrete improvements to Access to Justice together with local stakeholders. With the survey as a foundation, 3-6 key local stakeholders (government, judicial sector, NGOs, and business – or a combination thereof) per country will implement 3-5 concrete initiatives that improve access to justice for the top 3 most prevalent and / or impactful justice needs that emerge from the JNS survey, in the two years after the survey. These initiatives will be developed on the basis of an action plan developed with and adopted by those key local stakeholders. The sustainability of the results is further improved because in 50% of the surveyed countries key stakeholders or donors will commit to implementing a follow-up JNS measurement 2-4 years after the completion of the baseline study. On top of this, additional impact can be expected because of the availability of the JNS data through an interactive and publicly accessible dashboard. This will trigger more relevant stakeholders to take action on the basis of the revealed gaps in access to justice. 2. Resulting from 5 Innovation Challenge & Acceleration trajectories a total of 8-9 innovations with direct impact on access to justice will be successfully launched during the project period. At least sixty percent of those innovations will realize concrete improvement to access to justice for citizens in the focus countries, supported by dedicated acceleration processes by HiiL in the first year. These innovations will all have sound and scalable funding models in a way that they are intrinsically sustainable. This pool of successful innovations will include a total of 1-2 so-called ‘game-changers’; innovations with potential to realize improved access to justice for 10.000.000 people in 5 years (1 game changer will be developed in every 2 to 4 innovation challenge & acceleration trajectories).

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HiLL Innovating Justice National NGO Implementing
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Funding


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