Partnership for African Social and Governance Research
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IATI Identifier: KE-RCO-CPR/2011/63463-PedaLQ10
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The Partnership for Pedagogical Leadership in Africa (PedaL) is a formal partnership of eight institutions that aims to embed and catalyse systemic change in teaching and learning practices and to maximize learning outcomes through strategic interventions in graduate social science programmes. PedaL is one of nine partnerships supported by the Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform (SPHEIR) grant scheme to catalyse systemic change in teaching and learning in African universities. SPHEIR partnerships seek to transform the quality, relevance, access and affordability of higher education to achieve sustainable, systemic change. SPHEIR has been established by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to deliver systemic and sustainable change within higher education systems, enabling them to meet labour market needs and generate the job-ready, entrepreneurial graduates needed to accelerate development, build inclusive societies and promote strong economic growth. The Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) is leading 7 partners to develop and roll out PedaL in graduate social science programmes: Alliance for Research Universities in Africa (ARUA), Institute of Development Studies (IDS) of the University of Sussex - UK as well as five implementing partner universities: Ibadan in Nigeria; Egerton in Kenya; Ghana in Ghana; Dar es Salaam in Tanzania; and, Uganda Martyrs in Uganda. PedaL’s roots can be traced to the collaborative Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) programme with its signature pedagogical innovations. Through PedaL, these innovations were contextualized, deepened, up scaled and formalised into a distinctive training programme. PedaL has therefore been seamlessly embraced by all MRPP universities . It is envisaged that PedaL will be replicated across other universities on the continent that express interest in pedagogical transformation. By introducing innovative teaching and learning processes, PedaL will improve student learning through an environment of interaction and interactivity. Through continuous professional development activities, academics will be equipped with competencies that foster deep learning in their students. At the core of PEDAL, communities of practice will be established to support the on-going delivery of social science graduate programmes. These communities will thrive on virtual learning platforms and a series of other joint activities, such as staff exchanges, joint research, and staff seminars. Through these communities, cohorts and clusters of PedaL practitioners and leaders will emerge in social science disciplines across partner universities. PedaL will enhance teaching and learning, improve the quality of social science graduates, and increase the efficiency of education programmes. The ultimate benefit will be significant changes in how graduate education is imparted, improved teaching and learning and enhancement of the quality of graduates so that they are better able to obtain employment, lead research, and thus contribute to the socio-economic development of their countries.

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Participating Organisations

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Partnership for African Social and Governance Research International NGO Implementing
Institute of Development Studies Academic, Training and Research Implementing


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