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African Activists for Climate Justice

IATI Identifier: KE-NCB-OP218051200904966065-PACJA-AACJ2021

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  • date_range May 01, 2021 - Dec 31, 2025
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To amplify and unite the voices in Africa to ensure that women, youth and local and indigenous communities defend and realize their human rights and live a decent and dignified life in a healthy and sustainable environment, within the context of the climate emergency. The Project’s long-term impact is a strong and inclusive African movement that has mobilised citizens, companies and governments (local, national, regional, global) in support of climate justice. PACJA in collaboration with four other partners, Oxfam Novib, Natural Justice, African Women Communications Network (FEMNET) and African Youth Commission (AYC), as a consortium, believe that all people have the right to live a decent and dignified life in a healthy environment. PACJA in Ethiopia will fast track climate action that is strong, all-inclusive and gender sensitive climate justice movement that advocates for fair, accessible and equitable climate policies, including community-driven adaptation strategies, which specifically benefit disadvantaged groups (in particular women, youth and indigenous communities). PACJA in Burkina Faso will promote traditionally excludes groups in acceleration of climate cation through the organization of young and female farmers, pastoralists, people with disabilities, refugees in the Centre, Nord, Sahel, Sud-Ouest and Centre-Nord regions, and local and national authorities become aware of the challenges posed by climate change, and decide to work in synergy towards climate justice. Natural Justice in Senegal, will promote a better-informed population to play an an active role in the debate and decisions on climate change and contributes to improved recognition of the concerns and rights of climate-affected communities and vulnerable groups and their contribution to addressing climate change. In South Africa, Natural Justice will strengthen CSOs platforms and engage with key climate actors working with women, youth, Indigenous People and Local Communities to promote an inclusive and human rights-based approach to climate action. FEMNET in Mozambique will lead in strengthening climate resilience and Justice for rural communities with key climate actors working with marginalized groups and local communities, particularly women and youth, who are at the frontline of the climate crisis, are strengthened to claim their rights for climate justice and climate resilience. Oxfam in Nigeria will lead a climate action for sustainable and resilient and inclusive economic growth through a grassroots driven movement – bringing together local organizations and broad constituencies to drive the implementation of climate policies that enable all Nigerians to thrive and live in a healthy environment. In Somalia, Oxfam will lead in building a climate justice movement in groups that are most affected by the climate crisis including rural pastoralists and farmers, young unemployed, and disadvantaged women, understand its effect on their situation and rally together to demand investments and policy changes from governments, companies and the aid system. The Somali government in turn is able to pass environmental protection laws, make strong climate action plans and access global finance to fund them. The African Youth Commission (AYC) is an implementing partner, playing a key role in bringing more young people on board to raise awareness on climate change and influence national governments to implement climate-related projects in a transparent manner that benefits young people. The network also sees a vital role for youth in Africa to contribute to the development of practical solutions and efforts to enhance the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. The AYC has 228 members in 46 countries on the African continent

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Participating Organisations

Oxfam Novib International NGO Accountable
Natural Justice International NGO Accountable
African Women's Development and Communication Network Regional NGO Accountable
African Youth Commission (AYC) International NGO Implementing
Netherlands - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Funding
Pan African Climate Justice Alliance International NGO Funding
PACJA Regional NGO Implementing


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3,971,296 EUR Total Expenditure year 1 (May to December 2021) Receiver N/A Expenditure
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8,129,333 EUR Provider N/A Receiver N/A
date_range May 01, 2021


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