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Clean water, clean power flake ice machine

IATI Identifier: KE-KRA-PVT-Q7UYY2K-EforARD3001

Published on IATI
  • date_range Aug 01, 2020 - Jan 28, 2022
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Our project developed an energy efficient ice flake machine for use in cold chain management of fish in marginalized communities. Adili solar hubs brought these services to the Lake shore with the aim of creating improved economic opportunities for the fishing community. Our appliance is a Clean Water, Clean Power Ice Flake Machine. Ice flake machines are common appliances in overseas markets and other industries. However, in the rural fishing communities this is not easily available. These regions also lack access to clean drinking water which is ideal for hygienic fish handling and processing. We developed a system with a water purification unit, an ice flake machine, an off-grid PV system, and a smart controller optimizing the system to run on mostly direct irradiation minimizing the size of the energy storage. Adding to this we added cold storage, refrigerated transportation and chest freezers in the market place.

  • Fishery development

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