Safety and security of human rights defenders

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  • date_range Mar 01, 2018 - Dec 31, 2019
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The funded project, Safety and Security of Human Rights Defenders, aims to promote the safety and security of human rights defenders in Kenya through advocacy, capacity building and protection. In order to effectively pursue the set out strategic objectives, NCHRD will seek to realize four (4) key outcomes: Strategic Outcome 1: Conducive environment for HRDs progressively secured at county and national levels. The long-term security and safety of HRDs is to be secured through promotion of a conducive environment at both national and sub national level in which respect for human rights is accorded to all. Strategic Outcome 2: Contribution of key stakeholders to safety and security of HRDs strengthened Safety and security of HRDs depends on the individual actions and interventions of a variety of key stakeholders including state and non-state actors and those who provide vital services to HRDs at risk - lawyers, medical personnel and counsellors. However, enhancing the respective capacities of these key stakeholders is critical in ensuring they intervene as optimally as possible. Likewise, empowering HRDs (as individuals and organizations) is also a key preventive measure. Strategic Outcome 3: Responsive and sustainable protection mechanisms for HRDs in Kenya strengthened NCHRD’s core business is about responding to HRDs facing harm. The Coalition will therefore pursue such strategies as legal aid, medical and social support, provision of refuge and relocation. Where the response required goes beyond the scope and resource capacity of the Coalition, such cases shall be referred to relevant organizations. NCHRD will also pursue options aimed at guaranteeing the sustainability of these interventions. Strategic Outcome 4: Institutional development, organizational performance and sustainability of NCHRD strengthened. NCHRD will pursue measures aimed at enhancing its ability to discharge its mandate in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. The institutional framework of the organization shall be reviewed and improved continuously to ensure effective governance of the organization. Performance management is key to ensuring the organization delivers its obligations to various stakeholders. Sustainability measures shall be implemented to guarantee the continued existence and vibrancy of the organization.

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Participating Organisations

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Netherlands - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Funding
National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders-Kenya National NGO Implementing
National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders-Kenya National NGO Accountable


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