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Year 1 Activities (October 2019 - September 2020)

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From October 2019 - September 2020, JoWomenomics implemented the launch of the Integral Development Center for Policy Research and Innovation Advancement (Think Tank) project. The Think Tank infrastructure was set up, which include the location, branding, and website. The brand was carefully selected to highlight knowledge creation. The FICRI logo complements FICRI’s mission in highlighting the importance of women in society. There are no better colors to convey such an important message than pastel yellow and Royal purple Colors. The pastel yellow color represents warmth, kindness, softness, comfort, and, most importantly, light. Artists use this color usually to show contracts in colors and bring light/brightness to their paintings; just like women in societies, they are the starting point for a brighter future. Moving to the second color of the logo, the color Royal purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Both colors are gender-neutral colors that are aligned with FICRI’s core values in creating equal policies for both genders. Women and men who support women are presented in these colors as they are both powerful, noble, light, and brave for believing inequality in a time where equality is still not a basic right. ACHIEVEMENTS IN YEAR 1- RESEARCH COMPONENT To date, JW has achieved the following results compared to project targets: Outcome(1): Evidence-based research conducted and produced to inform policies and policymakers Targets met:  Two partnerships with research and educational institutions (TRANS4M & Brookings)  One Gap analysis  33 Young researchers screened, and 12 were selected for training given the COVID-19 Pandemic situation.  One Introductory integral development training curriculum towards a feminist economy Outputs & Activities: A1: Two partnerships with organizations and consultants for research and educational cooperation JoWomenomics has secured Two active partnerships established with reputable organizations. A partnership with TRANS4M, a consultant for the Integral Development and Feminist Economy training program, Mr. Alexander Schiffer will conduct an integral feminist training for researchers so they can develop a greater understanding of integral development using and feminism. JoWomenomics has also secured a preliminary partnership agreement with Brookings Institution to provide two trainings sessions for (40) researchers in two years. A2: One Gender gap analysis is conducted JoWomenomics has conducted a gender gap analysis research which is broken down into two main parts: Social Security and Taxation. The Social Security section is thereafter divided into sections beginning with a historical background that aims to create an existing landscape of the social security system in Jordan. The next section includes the identification of the current gaps on a national level while considering the role that the key actors, power players, and influencers play in the delivery of equal opportunities and advantages in economic empowerment in regard to social security. The next section focuses on the current efforts put in place to reform social security on a national and global level by highlighting best practices and lessons learned that could be applicable and feasible within Jordan’s cultural and societal context. The research paper then moves on to the next section, which analyses Gender Bias in Taxation and is also divided into sections. The tax section begins by exploring the different biases that can exist in tax systems: explicit and implicit. Thereafter, the paper goes on to discuss gender bias in income tax systems and biases found in the allocation of non-labour income, deductions, and exemptions, the allocation of income from a family business, and the responsibility of filing and compliance, all while drawing examples of these biases in different tax systems worldwide. The next section moves on to explore implicit gender bias worldwide, such as gender bias based on broad-based consumption taxes levied on different goods and services and gender bias which is the outcome of joint filing systems that subject a spouse to a higher marginal tax rate based on the income of the primary earner. The paper is the basis to conduct follow-up research by the fellows keeping in mind the findings to conduct the following remaining steps: - Focus group discussions - Key Informant Interview - Recommendations - Theory of Change Contracting Social Security and Tax Consultants: A researcher was contracted to conduct a Gap Analysis for gender-bias in the Social Security law based on international best practice and grounding the Jordanian law to respond to international standards that provides social protection for women based on several international conventions, including the ILO. The analysis benchmarked the ILO floors for social protection. A research assistant was also contracted to assist in the desk review and preparation of data required for the study. Similarly, a researcher was contracted to conduct a Gap Analysis for the tax law based on international best practices. The Jordanian law was further analysed for gender-bias after benchmarking it with International best practices. A master researcher and an assistant were contracted for the completion of this task. (Annex 2) Conduct Key Informant Interview (KII) and Focus Group Discussions: Questionnaire Design: JW has designed two questionnaires with the key question formulated to collect the needed on social security law and tax law, question range from open-ended, close-ended, and choice questions The draft Questionnaire was tested on personnel to understand the discriminatory articles in the two laws. Key Informants come from different disciplines to collect information which take all perspective into considerations such as (religion, social science, ecology, feminism, law, economy). In year 2, the interviews will be conducted either in-person, via telephone, or via Zoom Platform. A3: one introductory integral development training curriculum towards feminist economy is developed An introductory on Integral Development Training curriculum is developed by a local consultant and Integral Development Specialist. A5: Candidates for research trainings are screened, two rounds A fellowship flyer was designed and prepared; this was followed by a call for participation which was issued on social media channels and LinkedIn. The Advertisement got a positive response, and a total of 23 respondents were interviewed. For the requirements of the fellowship and selection criteria. Eleven candidates were short-listed during the first call for fellowship. The short-listed candidates were further interviewed and were requested to deliver a written research or writing piece. Eight candidates were selected for the final fellowship. Upon the onset of COVID-19, the fellowship, which was meant to be implemented in June 2020, was delayed to September 2020. A second call for fellowship was released end of August, ten more candidates applied for the fellowship. four candidates were selected for the fellowship based on interviews and their written work. A total of 12 candidates attended the introductory session training on Integral Development. A6: An integral development training for 12 participants was conducted in September 2020 Due to the COVID-19 crisis, JoWomenomics recruited ten fellows for the first cohort to join the integration development training for a duration of three days. The number allows for face-to-face interaction given the health and safety regulations and measures that require training and education sessions not to host more than ten participants. The training was conducted by the consultant and specialist between the 27th to the 29th of September 2020. Training Sessions were as follows: Day 1: - Introduction to FICRI and Integral Development - Integral Development and the Four Worlds Day 2: - What is Feminist Economy - Social Security Review - Social Security in Jordanian Context Day 3: - What is Economic Security- - Economic Security and Tax return in the Jordanian Context - Combining the Four Worlds towards Integral Development

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