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CB Innovation Lab TEA Phase 2

IATI Identifier: GB-GOV-GB-COH-06274284-CrossBoundary

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  • date_range Jan 07, 2019
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

CB Innovation TEA 2 reporting. The Transforming Energy Access programme is leading development of innovative technologies, business models, partnerships and skills that will accelerate access to affordable, clean energy services for households and enterprises in developing countries.


Participating Organisations

Carbon Trust Advisory Ltd Government Funding
UK - Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Government Funding


Transaction Value Provider
Type Date
135,588 GBP Crossboundary SMG, Powergen Disbursement
date_range Nov 01, 2021
11,555 GBP Crossboundary SMG, ACOB, RVE.SOL Disbursement
date_range Oct 26, 2020
39,235 GBP Crossboundary Powergen Disbursement
date_range Oct 02, 2020
118,992 GBP Crossboundary Nayo, PowerCorner Disbursement
date_range Mar 25, 2020
150,758 GBP Crossboundary SMG, ACOB, RVE.SOL Incoming Funds
date_range Jan 22, 2020
101,161 GBP Carbon Trust Advisory Ltd Crossboundary Expenditure
date_range Sep 30, 2019
43,984 GBP Crossboundary PowerGen Incoming Funds
date_range Sep 13, 2019
28,441 GBP Crossboundary Havenhill Incoming Funds
date_range Jul 31, 2019
75,871 GBP Carbon Trust Advisory Ltd Crossboundary Expenditure
date_range Jun 19, 2019


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