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DEC Phase 2 People Fleeing Myanmar Appeal

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  • date_range Apr 01, 2018 - Mar 31, 2019
  • autorenew Implementation (Status)

The project takes a four-pronged approach for contributing to improved support for children and emergency preparedness among displaced Rohingya populations and host community adolescent and young boys and girls aged 12-25. The activities are interlinked and build on each other: adolescents and youth have access to safe spaces, needed services, lead community based mitigation activities and coordination mechanisms are improved.

  • Relief co-ordination and support services

  • Disaster prevention and preparedness

Participating Organisations

Plan International UK International NGO Accountable
Disasters Emergency Committee National NGO Funding


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  • 533,950 GBP (Valued at Jun 01, 2018)
    date_range Apr 01, 2018 - Mar 31, 2019
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