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Supporting Marginalised Girls in SLeone DfID GEC

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  • date_range Jan 01, 2013 - Mar 31, 2017
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In collaboration with the Ministry of Educationand Science and Technology MEST_ and targeted communitiesand this project will support 21060 marginalised girls at risk of dropping out of Basic Education in five rural districts of Sierra Leone to access education and stay in school with improved learning outcomes. It also seeks to improve learningand retention and attendance for all 62631 girls and 71889 boys currently enrolled at targeted schools. The project seeks to improve life changes for marginalised girls through_ 1. Increasing Access and Retention in grades 5 and 6 of Primary School and grades 7and 8 and 9 of Junior Secondary Schooland and of children with disabilities in Primary School. 2. Strengthening girls learning in grades 5 and 6 of Primary School and JSS. 3. Ensuring that girls are learning in an inclusive environment and protected from harm 4. Ensuring girls voices and needs are listened to and responded to and that girls participate in decision making concerning their education The project targets 21060 of the most marginalised girls in 180 Junior Secondary Schools JSS_ and 540 Primary Schools.

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PLAN International UK International NGO Accountable
Plan International Inc. (Sierra Leone Country Office) National NGO Implementing


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