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Safe spaces for children of flood affected families

IATI Identifier: GB-COH-1364201-NPL0336
Published in IATI IATI
  • date_range Sep 11, 2014 - Oct 26, 2014
  • autorenew Finalisation (Status)

Children and adolescents_particularly girls will have part of they spent in supervised and protected environmentand receiving learningand sports and creative activities that would help them come over the stress their families face due to loss of properties by floods.

  • Basic life skills for youth and adults error
    Sector code:
    11230 - Basic life skills for youth and adults
    Sector vocabulary:
    1 - OECD DAC CRS Purpose Codes (5 digit)

Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
DFID Government Funding
PLAN International UK International NGO Accountable
Plan International Inc. (Nepal Country Office) National NGO Implementing


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