Strong Cities Network in Lebanon and Jordan

IATI Identifier: GB-COH-06581421-XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000002796
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  • date_range Jul 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2022
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The Strong Cities Network is delivering a regional programme of work enabling Jordan and Lebanon’s six multi-stakeholder P/CVE Community Prevention Networks (PNs) to become further capacitated and institutionalised to support the National P/CVE Strategies and Action Plans as a model for local implementation, informed by Dutch expertise. Support from the Dutch Government in 2019 through 2021 will allow the PNs to expand to new municipalities and to deliver high quality P/CVE community activities that achieve National P/CVE Strategies and Action Plan objectives, from teacher training to youth intervention programmes, to awareness raising campaigns, engaging different target groups.

  • Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution error
    Sector code:
    15220 - Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution
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    1 - OECD DAC CRS Purpose Codes (5 digit)

Participating Organisations

Organisation Name Organisation Type Organisation Role
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Funding
Institute for Strategic Dialogue Academic, Training and Research Implementing


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916,988 GBP (Valued at Dec 31, 2020) circle Provider N/A circle Receiver N/A Expenditure date_rangeSep 30, 2021


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565,163 GBP (Valued at Jul 01, 2021) date_range Jul 01, 2021 - Mar 31, 2022
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