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Humanitarian Response to Floods Emergency in Colombia - START Fund

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  • date_range Jul 23, 2022 - Sep 06, 2022
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The AbbaCol Foundation and World Jewish relief teamed up to deploy 1,500 food aid supplies in the region due to the current season of heavy rains in the Region, also known as "La Niña", flooding and overflowing rivers have left communities with various damages and losses to their homes and critical infrastructure, as well as their livelihoods. The continuous flooding left a situation where thousands of people have seen their communities damaged bit by bit. However, it was in the second week of July that four dams burst, causing the peak of the crisis. According to information provided by the Governorate of Bolivar in its "Registry of Victims" (16 July 2022) more than 13,000 houses have been partially damaged, 50 houses have been destroyed, 18 health centres have restricted service and access, and 2,328.5 hectares of crops have been lost. According to the UNGRD, approximately 30,000 people have been registered as victims of this crisis, and 50,000 are still waiting to be registered. Most (if not all) of them are economically vulnerable households. The area covered by this alert is located in the middle of 3 sub-basins formed by the Magdalena River (Colombia's main river), Chicagua and Mompox. It is also known as the Mojana region in Colombia, and is constantly and heavily affected by flooding during the rainy season, due to its hydrography and topography. Due to flooding in the communities, the red alert and humanitarian needs in terms of food security and nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene have increased. People who lost their homes or had severe damage are staying with relatives or neighbours. Although this has been occurring since the second quarter of the year, local governments have been forced to declare a state of emergency throughout June and July, in the hope of resolving and the pressing needs of those most in need. AbbaCol Foundation and World Jewish Relief arrived in the affected area to coordinate with local and national authorities the humanitarian deployment to reach the affected areas. Both entities are responding to life-saving needs, especially food insecurity and desnutrition needs.

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